D&M Law and Maritime company

«D & M» is an innovative law firm, one of the few in Ukraine, which deals exclusively with the development of international partnership in the field of business and corporate relations. Practices, which are developing in our law firm, is a fresh perspective on the provision of legal services to clients. An integrated approach to the problem solving provides an opportunity to save precious time and money of our clients and partners, and years of experience give confidence in favourable and immediate results.

Professionals only

Our team effaces the boundaries between the jurisdictions of various countries by virtue of our professionalism. No matter where the company’s client is, our goal always remains steadfast – to provide legal services at the highest level and to do everything we can to achieve a favourable result. We monitor even the minor changes in Ukrainian legislation, which may affect the external economic activity of our customers, so the world’s leading companies wishing to carry on the economic activities in Ukraine trust us.

European orientation

Our law firm focuses on modern European methods of solving legal issues. We open to new experiences, always aware of the latest trends in the field of law, business and politico-social phenomena, in Ukraine as well as abroad. When working with us, our client can always be sure that we will fulfil any tasks, entrusted to us, not only qualitative and properly, but also in the most advantageous for our clients way, in terms of not only material, but also time expenditures.